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Elixir is growing. It’s time for you to grow with it.

DockYard Academy is a fully-remote educational program focused on providing practical programming experience to prepare students to fill the many Elixir roles currently seeking skilled developers.

Our full-time course offers a friendly, supportive, and approachable learning experience for beginners. Students have the full support of their instructor and peers as they collaborate through interactive instruction, relevant exercises, and engaging projects.

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Jumpstart Your Elixir Career

Our three-month, guided learning program is purpose-built to take you from beginner to a capable, qualified Elixir Engineer.

  • Complete active and interactive learning material to lay the foundation for the practical application of a concept. (No passive lectures here.)
  • Collaborate to solve problems and create projects with your newfound knowledge.
  • Learn from an instructor who acts as a supportive guide.
  • Enjoy autonomy to create projects that demonstrate your creativity and personality.
  • Academy alumni have the opportunity to work alongside the DockYard team or receive support to find employment elsewhere.
  • Stay connected with your peers and mentors with lifetime access to the DockYard Academy Discord.

Ready to get started?

Access the Open Source materials , including a setup guide so anyone can work through the content at their own pace.

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